Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Science Olympiad needs your help!

Every Monday and Friday after school, magic is happening-SCIENCE MAGIC!  Mitchell's Science Olympiad team is hard at work, practicing for their events and learning so much about aerodynamics, engineering, chemistry, nature, biology, communication, and teamwork.  The Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad is being held at Pioneer High School on June third.  Which means there is still plenty of time to join in the fun!  Second through Fifth graders are all welcome, as are any and all parents who are interested in coaching.  You can choose to coach full time (Mondays, Fridays, or both) or volunteer to assist the main coaches on any or all practice days.
We also need donations of snacks and drinks, please sign up here:

PTO Meeting Minutes for February 28, 2017

-Principal update, given by Mr. Hilton:
     -For the upcoming report card, there will be one difference.  The IB units will be addressed as a narrative in the Comments section, speaking to how your student progressed within the unit
          -Parental feedback is needed on this change!  How informative, etc, to help with the report card update
     -After Spring Break, around the second week of April, the IB staff is coming to Mitchell to visit, checking in on our journey to World School status.  They would love input from families, please email Mr. Hilton if you would like to help with this
     -Science Fair: where does it fit in as an IB school?
          -Fifth graders have an IB exhibition evening to prepare for
          -Possible Family Science Night?  Try for mid April?  Would be a PTO hosted event, with fair plus experiments.  Promote it as seeing student tri-fold boards that show the experiment they did at home, separate hands on experiments for all to try, and good opportunity to showcase/advertise for Science Olympiad.
     -At the March meeting, Mr. Karr will share the plans for the next stage of the school expansion
-International Night was AMAZING!!!
     -Shereen handwrote thank you cards for donors and performers, all attending signed.
     -Discussion on performer compensation.  Possible gas cards, $25-50 depending on group size, travel time
     -Recipe books to build funds for next year's event!  Everyone is encouraged to send family recipes to shereensukkar@gmail.com
-Science Olympiad update: things are going well with practice, we need more of everything though!  Participants, adult coaches, and a sign up for snacks and drinks.  If anyone wants to join in the fun, contact head coach Michelle Foulkes at michelle2foulkes@gmail.com
-Need to get the good word out about PTO Thrift!  Everything you donate and everything you buy directly benefits Ann Arbor Public Schools.  They have great sales and their crafts department is always well stocked.
-Talent Show is in the beginning stages of planning, early June for the projected date.  Can't wait!
-Ice Cream Social planning starts Friday, March 10 at 5 pm.  Everyone is invited to join the planning committee fun!  Many volunteers are needed to solicit donations for the auction, run games and activities, and all sorts of other jobs.  The Social will be held on June 9th and is sure to be a great time;)
-PTO board nominations for the 2017-2018 school year
     -Vice President spot will definitely be open, but nominations are accepted for all positions
     -Currently there are two Members-at-large but there is room for more
     -Also want to discuss event chair positions
     -Contact Kitty Heard at klg_12@hotmail.com to throw your hat in the ring for President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary, or if you have any questions about the positions
-Caleea's presentation: Proposed Book Club to promote reading
     -After school.  One hour, once a week.  Wednesdays?  Librarian Ms. Duncan has agreed to be present. Begin with fourth graders.  Read a certain amount between meetings, discussion and activities during meetings.  Sounds exceptionally cool!
-Unanimous agreement on cookie dough and pretzels as fundraising

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dive on in!

The water is just fine here in the Mitchell Volunteer Pool!  January is chock full of fun volunteer opportunities.  We're showing The Secret Life of Pets at the movie night on Friday, January 20.  It's a blast to enjoy a family movie with our extended Mitchell fam!  There's always lots of food to sell and serve and kids to corral, so please join us to keep things running smoothly that night!
You can sign up here:  http://tinyurl.com/SLPmovienight
On January 27 after school PTO will be setting up for Mitchell's next Scholastic Book Fair!  The Book Fair  runs Monday, January 30 through Wednesday, February 1.  Take as many shifts as you can!  Book Fair time is my favorite time, it's a fun way to get to know students and what they're interested in.  It's also a way to earn books for the school, and of course, get kids and families excited about reading!  Volunteer for the Book Fair at http://tinyurl.com/JanSBF
Of course, we are still recruiting for the Science Olympiad!  We need parent volunteers and students from second through fifth grades to compete.  Please see Michell Foulkes if you have any questions about this exciting competition!
You can also head to the Mitchell PTO's next meeting on Tuesday, January17th at 6 pm in the school library.  We'll be discussing updates on these activities and more, like the upcoming and sure-to-be-rad International Night.  Actually, the next planning meeting for the International Night is coming up after school on January 12.  We'd LOVE to have your thoughts on this event, all are welcome!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Easy peasy cash for the school

Did you know there are easy ways to help raise funds for Mitchell Field Trips?  

Most of us already shop at these businesses so all you have to do is sign up and they'll send the PTO a check.

Inline image 2
KROGER All you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card!
Our organization # is 91474
Kroger rewards members must re-enroll annually. Please check your account to see if it's active.
Inline image 1
Don’t forget to save your Box Tops for Education.  Each Box Top is worth $0.10.
Box Tops for Education has donated almost $6000 since the program started.

Inline image 3
Link your Amazon account to Mitchell at http://smile.amazon.com/ch/38-3131184

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Mitchell School Parent-Teacher Organization Inc whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. Please note that you must start use the website smile.amazon.com to benefit Mitchell. If the browser says amazon.comand not smile.amazon.com, they will not link your purchase to Mitchell.

AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service. Support your charitable organization by starting your shopping at smile.amazon.com.

Inline image 4
To enroll in Cash for Education log into your MyWay account through buschs.com/MyWay and select Cash for Education from the dropdown menu underneath your name.

Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop donates THOUSANDS of dollars to the Mitchell PTO ANNUALLY!  

Please support A2 PTO Thrift by shopping and donating to this great organization!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Kwanzaa Celebration

Science Olympiad- Volunteers and Participants Still Wanted!

This afternoon I had the pleasure of attending my first Science Olympiad practice as a coach.  I'd been nervous as I've never coached so much as a game of jacks before, and I'm well removed from my own school days.  But my daughter has been participating in Science Olympiad for the past few weeks and has been having a wonderful time, so I decided to get in on the action.  Although I was nervous today, I had an excellent time!  What a great, inquisitive, and positive group of kids.  Michelle Foulkes led the kids in practice for several of the Olympiad events, and the kids seemed excited to try their hand at engineering, aeronautics, and DNA.  It was so affirming to see a group of kids  choose to spend extra time, after a long day at school, engaging in new learning opportunities:)

And one of the best parts of the experience is that we have room to share it with more members of the Mitchell fam!  All second through fifth graders are welcome to compete, and any parents or adult family members who want to help are so, so welcome.  We need more coaches if possible!  Practices are Monday and Friday after school until 5:30, depending on which events your student participates in.  So, you don't have to make a huge commitment of time or resources to be a part of this scholastically stimulating event!

International Night

Mitchell's International Night is coming up on Friday, February 10 from 6 to 8 pm.  We are still in the planning stages and welcome help and input!  The next meeting is after winter break on January 12 after school in the family room.  Please join us to create a fun, inclusive event for the whole Mitchell community to enjoy!


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